Keyboards By Chords!

Keyboards By Chords!

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Keyboards By Chords!

How To Play ANY Keyboard - Piano, Synthesizer, Electric Piano, Organ - Any Keyboard -- Using Chords!

Download this great course right now -- both videos & book for just $39.!

Dear Friend:

     Did you know that you can play ANY keyboard -- whether one of those low-cost electronic keyboards or synthesizer or any kind of piano -- using chords?

     It's true. Instead of having to plow through stacks of sheet music you can use the chording system to get a bigger sound and have more fun in the process!

     At the core of the system is a downloadable book of 24 familiar songs and 2 downloadable videos on which I teach 17 ways to apply chords to the right hand, and 13 ways to apply chords to the left hand part. Each of these chord styles is also reproduced in printed form in the book, so the learner can SEE as well as HEAR how to apply these chords to various songs.

     It's easy. Anyone can play the piano using the chord method. You can be playing songs in days (or hours if you're really hungry to learn!) instead of years. Learn just 3 chords, and you can play hundreds of songs.

      Don't believe that? It's true. Hundreds of songs are composed using just 3 chords -- they are called "primary chords" and their symbols are Roman Numerals I, IV, and V.  In English, that's the chord built on the first note of the scale, the chord built on the 4th degree of the scale, and the chord built on the 5th degree of the scale. Almost all "blues" songs are made of those 3 chords. Almost all folk songs are made of those three chords. Here is a very short list of songs that can be played with just 3 chords:

Achy Breaky Heart
All Shook Up
Blue Suede Shoes
Bye Bye Love
Great Balls Of Fire
Hang On Sloopy
Hound Dog
It's Only Rock 'N' Roll Down By the Riverside
This Old Man
On Top of Old Smoky
Cum Ba Ya
Good Night Ladies
Happy Birthday
Amazing Grace
Silent Night
Joy To The World
Red River Valley
Battle Hymn of the Republic
Blowin' In The Wind
Blow The Man Down
Deck The Halls
Silver Bells
Auld Lang Syne
Jingle Bells
America The Beautiful
Marine's Hymn
Frankie & Johnny
Shortin' Bread
Dry Bones
Brahm's Lullaby
Me & Bobby McGee
When The Saints Go Marching In
Old MacDonald Had a Farm
This Train

     These are just a few of hundreds (and probably thousands) of song that can be played using just 3 chords we talked about, yet very few people know this secret. Learn those 3 chords and you can pick out song after song after song just using your good ear.

Here are some of the things and piano styles you will learn in this great course:

  • Chord Symbols

  • Swing Bass Styles

  • Alberti Bass

  • Arpeggios in all keys

  • Hubba-Hubba Boogie

  • Harmonizing With 3rds & 6th

  • Alternating Bass Style

  • Elephant Walk Bass

  • Upward Inverstions

  • Bottom-two Top Pattern

  • Root-5th Pattern

  • Walking Boogie Bass

     This course is available as an immediate download -- which means you can get started right away learning keyboards by chords. Just order using the order button below. As soon as your payment has gone through you will be taken to a download page where you can download both the book and the video! Print out the book on your home computer, then take it to your local print shop and tell them you want a sheet of clear plastic on the front and the back with a spiral binding. (Costs me about $5. in Oregon for them to do it while I wait.)

      That way you'll have your own copy to refer to time and time again, plus the great two-part video that not only teaches you the chords, but demonstrates how you can take those chords and make interesting and exciting styles out of them such as the Elephant Walk Bass and the Walking Boogie Bass and the Alberti Bass and the Swing Bass and many more.

      Order right now while you're thinking about it -- don't let this opportunity get away!



Hi Duane,

Tonite, I just took my first lesson. It was FANTASTIC!! I've been praying for these kinds of lessons for 37 years. Believe it or not, I couldn't find anyone to teach me, and I searched high and low.

Finally, my prayers have been answered. I took classical piano for 10 years and took some theory in hs and college, as well as analysis of musical form. The theory and ear training is a perfect foundation to enable me to follow you.  And, since I've never been taught what you're teaching, in order to accomplish my goals of improv and modification, I am thrilled to death. I've always tried to modify and embellish my sheet music and to improvise, but never knew how. I've also tried to duplicate simple songs that I hear, wo/ using sheet music. It has been so frustrating. Now, thanks to your program, I will be able to! Halleluiah!!

Thank you, thank you, bless you, bless you!!! You are an answer to prayer and proof that the Lord does hear us, even if he takes 37 years to respond....
I'm going to practice the I, IV, V chords in all the keys until I have them memorized and imprinted in my brain.

(email from Michele Jan 5, 09 writing about a similar course - on file)

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